Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I can't even tell you how much I hate to shop. Especially on days when the store is supposed to be empty, but it turns out there is a huge sale that no one warned you about.

There was a time when Patience ceased to be a virtue. It was long ago.
~Charlotte Perkins Gilman


paula365 said...

LOL. I feel your pain! But at least you got a good picture out of it!

SusansPlace said...

You have my sympathies...there isn't nothing worse than a mall full of people, imo. Looks like your daughter enjoyed herself. hehe


Colleen said...

Yep, I avoid shopping like the plague and am in denial that my oldest has outgrown half his wardrobe. Blah! But I'll bet B. was happy to get some new things. ;-)

LauraLiz said...

I'm right there with you. Hate, hate, hate to shop. You're a good mom, though---look at that happy face!!

Sandie said...

This is a great shot! I hope your two had fun.

julieunplugged said...

So cute! I hate shopping too, but this photo is wonderful! Makes me want to go.

Love how consistent you are being with b&w. I am looking at your photostream for your color shots. Gorgeous. I leave comments on them sometimes. Not sure you knew that.